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In 2012, Melissa Weiksnar (Amy's mom) was inspired to write lyrics to what would become "Amy's Song" based on "Heroin's Puppet." Stephen Gilman (her colleague from 1989 and friend) wrote the original music and sang the vocals. Her friend Zach (music business guru, and son of friends and another colleague from 1986) helped them through the process of registering the song in time for Amy's 32nd birthday. Below are three of the many links to the song. Please share with anyone who might find it helpful. When a young man in early recovery heard it early on, he asserted "this song was exactly what I needed to hear."

Spotify:  Amy's Song (Heroin's Puppet)
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YouTube:  Amy's Song (Heroin's Puppet)

It started off by smoking weed
Cheated drug tests, yes indeed
On to oxys, coke and speed
Two grams a day of smack I'd need

In weeks my life has turned to shit
All I want is my next hit
I'm sick of being a hypocrite
Don't love my boyfriend, I admit

The pain in Mom's and Daddy's eyes
My addiction -- their surprise
Sick of my double-life disguise
I'm now a self that I despise

My academics took a dive
What happened to my life-long strive?
Being high caused danger when I'd drive
The shrink says less than half survive.

I sit today as heroin's puppet
Craving my beloved dope
For six years drugs were how I'd cope
I've chosen rehab seeking hope

The real Amy is inside me
I need her back -- my misery!
I'm scared to face reality
Is sobriety all it's cracked up to be?

Toward living sober I was walking
But that was when the drugs were talking
"How bad do I want it" -- are they mocking?
Sneaking, O.D. thoughts are knocking

Christmas day at home, her last:
Scored the drugs while on her pass
The ER couldn't bring her back
Two die a day -- that's just in Mass.